C-Section Errors

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In most cases, birth injuries are preventable, but in order to protect an unborn child from harm, doctors must recognize potential danger and act quickly to prevent it. In many cases, cesarean sections (c-sections) are the answer. Such procedures can prevent serious problems for children, including brachial plexus injuries, cerebral palsy, and other conditions. However, failing to perform a timely c-section can have devastating consequences as well.

If your child sustained a birth injury because your doctor failed to perform a c-section in a timely manner or was negligent while performing the procedure, call Simeone & Miller, LLP today. We can fight for your rights!

Who Can You Sue for a C-Section Error?

Failing to properly perform a medically necessary C-section is a serious medical error, but liability is rarely simple. While it may seem as though the attending doctor holds sole responsibility, the details of your case may show that other parties, such as the hospital or nursing staff, were also responsible for your child’s birth injury. In most cases, the responsible party includes your doctor, the hospital, or both.

Reasons to Perform a C-Section

There are many reasons for why a C-Section should be performed, including:

  • Placental Eruption or other problems
  • Uterine Ruptures (affects 1 of every 1,500 births)
  • Breach birth (when a child is born feet-first)
  • No labor progress for an extended time
  • A diagnosed birth defect
  • Any form of diagnosed fetal distress

What Are the Risks of Delaying a C-Section?

If a physician fails to schedule a necessary c-section, the infant may suffer devastating medical complications. In extremely severe cases, a delay caneven lead to wrongful infant death. Other potential problems are:

You Can Seek Compensation for Your Child’s Injuries

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