Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits

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Cerebral palsy birth injuries affect children for the rest of their lives. At Simeone & Miller, LLP, our Washington DC birth injury attorneys believe that no child should suffer at the hands of a negligent doctor, hospital, or nurse. That is why our law firm is committed to helping people who have been wrongfully hurt – especially children and their families.

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Understanding the Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Simply put, cerebral palsy is often the result of a brain injury before, during or after birth. These types of injuries can be caused by numerous factors, such as:

  • Oxygen deprivation while the mother is in labor
  • C-section errors or failure to diagnose a condition that requires a c-section
  • Failure to monitor the pregnancy for injury or infection
  • Failure to give the baby proper care immediately after birth
  • Swelling of the brain caused by forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Bleeding on the brain caused by forceps or vacuum extractors

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Cerebral Palsy?

There are many forms and degrees of cerebral palsy, each with different side effects and difficulties. In many cases, cerebral palsy can influence:

  • Body movement
  • Eyesight
  • Coordination
  • Muscle control
  • Hearing
  • Fine / gross motor skills
  • Reflexes
  • Learning

Cerebral palsy is not a degenerative condition. In other words, it does not become worse with time. It is, however, permanent.

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Because it is incurable, children who suffer these types of birth injuries require lifelong care. If your child’s injury was caused by the negligence of a doctor or hospital, our law firm can help you seek compensation for your child’s past and future medical expenses.

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