Linda Mak Senior Paralegal
Linda Mak

Linda Mak

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Linda Mak is the Senior Paralegal of the firm's Pre-Litigation Department. When she first began with the firm she worked exclusively on litigation, giving her broad knowledge and experience with the litigation of personal injury cases. She then worked exclusively on cases before they went into litigation, including case intake, ordering of medical bills and records, contacting witnesses, corresponding with insurance companies, and advising and assisting clients.

As a result, she now manages the firm’s Pre-Litigation Department and works on cases both before and after litigation. Her experience allows her to assist clients from their initial contact with the firm through to disbursement of their case proceeds.

Ms. Mak graduated from James Madison University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a dual minor in Philosophy and Sociology. As part of her course load, Ms. Mak studied U.S. Civil and International law.

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