Nelo Keith Lang Paralegal
Nelo Keith Lang

Nelo Keith Lang

Nelo Keith Lang is a paralegal at Simeone and Miller, LLP, responsible for case intake, evidence collection, and case preparation for both settlement and litigation. He has worked on a variety of cases including automobile incident cases, premise liability cases, product liability cases, strict negligence cases, work place incidents, pedestrian incidents and more. He assists clients and the firm's attorneys in all relevant aspect of their cases from intake to trial to disbursement.

Mr. Keith Lang is a 2017 graduate of The George Washington University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Italian. While an undergraduate, he studied at the University of Florence and completed an internship at UNESCO - Florence. Mr. Keith Lang is a New York native who speaks Italian, Portuguese and French. His future plans include attending law school and practicing in an area with high client contact and litigation.

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