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Who Pays for Doctor Bills After an Accident?

After you have suffered personal injuries from an accident, you will quickly accumulate medical bills. Many people do not know if they can use their health insurance or pay the bills themselves to protect their credit.

The answer is that you can and should pay any bills or submit them to health insurance to protect your credit. In the United States, the responsible party generally does not pay for your medical treatment as you incur bills. Instead, the person who suffered injuries must obtain and pay for the treatment they need. They then submit the medical bills and other documentation (e.g., medical records, police report, lost wage verification) to the responsible driver's automobile insurance company. They will then negotiate a fair settlement for all damages - at one time.

Therefore, a patient can and should pay a doctor or use their health insurance. There are deadlines for submission of bills to a health insurance company, so it is better for an injured person to provide their health insurance information to the hospital or any doctor they see at time of treatment. Nevertheless, if necessary, they can submit the bills, so long as they do so on a timely basis under their policy..

The amount a personal injury victim will receive from the the other driver's insurance - by way of settlement or through a jury verdict - will not be effected by whether they used health insurance, paid their bills themselves or whether the bills remain unpaid.

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