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What You Should Know About Dog Bite Liability

At Simeone & Miller, LLP, we have extensive experience representing victims of dog bites and other injuries that have been caused by dogs. While many people love dogs, it is an unfortunate reality that sometimes they hurt people. When this happens, we conduct a thorough investigation to gather all of the facts and information we need to put together the strongest case that a dog’s owner or handler was negligent.

Private investigators can be extremely useful in locating witnesses, obtaining photographs of the scene of the attack, and locating other people who have encountered the dog at issue. Often times these investigations lead to the discovery of information that shows that an owner or handler of a dog had knowledge of a dog’s propensity to hurt others, or that an owner or handler did not properly supervise or control a dog given the circumstances.

In dog injury cases, it is common for defendants to argue that the victims contributed to the incident in some way. These arguments encompass a broad range of allegations to include the fact that a victim provoked the dog, did not “read” the dog’s actions or demeanor properly, or that a victim assumed the risk of an attack or injury by taking a certain action.

To counter these arguments, we work extensively with our clients to understand what happened in an incident and what they were thinking. We also work with expert witnesses who specialize in dog behavior and handling to not only establish the fact that our clients’ actions did not contribute to an incident, but also that it was the actions of a dog’s owner or handler that solely caused an incident to occur.

It is also important to fully document and prove the injuries resulting from a dog attack. Often times, a plastic surgeon is involved and it is necessary to wait several months before making a determination of the extent of a physical injury. In every case, photographs of the injuries – both initially and as they heal over time – are extremely helpful to demonstrate the victim’s injuries and pain.

We have found that this approach not only gets us the best results in dog injury cases, but also puts our clients at ease because they know that we are covering all angles of a case, and that we are leaving no stone unturned.