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"Day in the Life" Videos Show Profound Effects of Catastrophic Injuries on Clients' Daily Lives

At Simeone & Miller, LLP, we often represent clients in heartbreaking situations after they have been involved in a serious accident. As part of our passion for helping protect the rights of injury victims, we go to great lengths to ensure that we are doing everything we can to effectively pursue compensation on their behalf.

One of the ways our team helps settle some of our larger cases is through the use of what we like to call a “Day in the Life” video. Our most recent use of this tool was to represent a client who suffered life-altering catastrophic injuries after a devastating car accident.

We enlist the help of experienced documentary videographers to create a video about a client who suffers from a catastrophic injury caused by a preventable accident. In these videos, we depict a victim’s daily struggles as they deal with their injuries, demonstrating the many ways in which the injury has affected their life. Through the use of photographs, interviews with family members and medical providers, and video footage of a plaintiff’s therapy, “Day in the Life” videos effectively demonstrate how difficult rehabilitation is not only on the injured party, but also on their family.

These videos are a useful tool in valuing a personal injury case and have proven highly effective in obtaining the best results possible for our clients. We have found that this method helps personalize a case by putting a face to the pain and suffering that serious accidents can cause.

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