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The Dangers of a Potential Age-Requirement Change Amongst Interstate Commercial Truck Drivers

According to research, as of 2017, America will be faced with over 250,000 unfilled truck driver positions. The potential shortage has left many trucking and transportation companies fearing they will be unable to fulfill normal duties. In hopes of fixing this problem, truck companies and Congress have pursued changing the legal age requirement of interstate commercial truck drivers from 21 to 18 years old. However, many people feel this change could result in more fatal accidents on highways and freeways.

Presently, 48 states allow 18-year-old truck drivers to operate large, 80,000-pound big rigs within state borders. Of course, this has led the American Truck Association to think young individuals should also be allowed to drive nationally. The organization believes the expansion could help alleviate the unfilled truck driver problem.

Research proves young and inexperienced drivers have a greater likelihood of causing fatal accidents. In 2012, persons from the ages of 16-19 years old were responsible for roughly 60% of car accident deaths. With this new effort of decreasing the legal driving age for interstate truck drivers, many people feel the roads, freeways, and highways will become more dangerous. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety feels no matter how much training is required of young drivers, the safety of motorists will be jeopardized because young truck drivers lack experience when driving the large vehicles.

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