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Eating While Driving is Distracted Driving

When you’re running late to work and don’t have time to consume a full breakfast, you may find yourself reaching for your travel mug and a quick bite to eat during your morning commute. But, did you know eating and drinking while driving is extremely dangerous? In fact, research shows eating and drinking while driving is one of the main causes of car accidents.

According to findings from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eating while driving is hazardous to all persons on the road because the “distracted” driver may not be able to react to traffic or road conditions as effectively or timely as they otherwise would.

A study done by ExxonMobile determined the following foods and drinks to be the most dangerous to consume while behind the wheel

  • Coffee
  • Burgers
  • Tacos
  • Soup
  • Chilidogs
  • Fried chicken
  • Soda
  • Chocolate
  • Donuts
  • BBQ ribs and wings

Why Is Eating and Drinking so Distracting?

Eating and drinking while driving fits all three categories of distracted driving:

  • Visual Distraction

This type of distraction happens when a driver’s eyes are focused on other activities or objects instead of on the road and / or traffic conditions. This can be dangerous because a driver may not have the appropriate amount of time to react by the time they notice another person’s maneuvers or other circumstances that may require an immediate response. This can happen when a driver takes their eyes off the road and focuses instead on their food or drink.

  • Cognitive Distraction

This type of distraction occurs when a person’s mind is occupied with matters other than the current driving conditions. The driver’s hands may be on the wheel; their eyes may be on the road; but their mental attention is elsewhere. This can occur when a driver is concerned with eating or drinking rather than driving.

  • Physical Distraction

This type of distraction happens when a person is physically involved with another activity aside from driving. Usually, this type of distracted driving occurs when one of the driver’s hands is not on the steering wheel. When a driver handles a food or beverage while driving, they are participating in a form of physical distraction.

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