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Understanding Rental Liability Insurance

insuranceAttorney Thomas Simeone was recently featured in an article on QuoteWizard to discuss the importance of obtaining liability insurance as a renter. While this is an important type of coverage for landlords, not many understand how beneficial it is to have it as a renter. In fact, there are many renters and tenants who are under the belief that they are covered under their landlord’s insurance policy. This is not the case!

Most often, the coverage your landlord obtains only covers damage that is done to the structure or property. While there is liability coverage, it is only for accidents and injuries that occur on their property due to their negligence, and excludes accidents that can happen in your own home.

Renter’s coverage can be very important in making sure you are not completely caught off guard if something happens in your home. For instance, let’s say you have company at your apartment. Someone spills a glass of water, and a friend slips, hitting their head on the counter. Any injuries sustained would be the fault of the renter in this situation, making them responsible for the damages, and for paying the compensation that the victim needs to cover related expenses.

Attorney Simeone suggests that renters should consider purchasing their own liability policies to include the coverage of medical expenses just in case a party is injured in their place of residence. This type of coverage can be extremely beneficial and is relatively easy to obtain. You may especially want to consider this coverage if you own a dangerous breed of dog. Know that you can drop any of the coverage that is not necessary, as well.

Simeone & Miller, LLP has helped more than 1,000 clients seek the compensation they deserve after sustaining a serious injury as a result of negligence. We understand how difficult it can be sustaining an injury in a residence that belongs to someone else. What options do you have? Who is responsible? We stand ready to help you answer these questions and provide you with a better idea of what comes next. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, we encourage you to seek out the legal help you need to pursue compensation with confidence.

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