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The Truth About the McDonald's Hot Coffee Case

Personal injury attorneys have long known of the fallacy of the McDonald’s hot coffee case. An excellent HBO program called “Hot Coffee” did an excellent job demonstrating not only the fallacy of the claims that the McDonald’s hot coffee case was a frivolous law suit but also how large companies and insurers have used misinformation to convince the public that there is an epidemic of frivolous lawsuits hurting the country.

As good as Hot Coffee is, the point can be made even better with a bit of humor. Everyone should watch this snippet from Adam Ruins Everything which does an excellent job of demonstrating the powerful forces that work together to create false narratives that benefit insurers and corporations. Please take 15 minutes out of your day to watch.

The false narrative created by the McDonald’s coffee case has been used to drive down personal injury verdicts and settlements in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Trial lawyers try to fight back, but our megaphone is nowhere near as large or loud. Hopefully exposés such as this can turn the tide of public opinion or, at the very least, help to give Stella Liebeck back her good name.