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Building a Personal Injury Case Through Scene Investigations

At Simeone & Miller, LLP, we strive to do everything we can to build the strongest case possible for our clients. One of the most important ways our team works to achieve this goal is through scene investigations.

A scene investigation is a very useful tool in obtaining information in the early stages of a personal injury case. During scene investigations, we obtain photographs and video footage of the scene of the accident. This is especially important if the scene changes over time, such as through road construction and building repairs. It is also vital that the scene be documented in the same conditions at the time of the accident, including lighting, road conditions, etc.

During our most recent scene investigation, we took pictures for an accident that occurred at an Embassy in Washington, D.C. We have also visited restaurants, public sidewalks, and garages, just to name a few of the many locations we visit to obtain information for a case.

We have found that scene investigations utilizing photographs, video footage, and witness interviews often lead to the discovery of information which is very useful during settlement negotiations or trial. These investigations have proven to be a helpful method of obtaining information early on and getting the best possible results for our clients. In many instances, investigations conducted as soon as possible after an accident can make the difference in winning the case later on.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, consult with a Washington, D.C. lawyer at Simeone & Miller, LLP. We know what it takes to thoroughly and properly investigate the scene of an accident to uncover information that can help maximize your recovery. To get started, please email the firm about your case.