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Attorney Matthew Tsun Obtains Verdict Exceeding Defendant's Policy Limits

Simeone & Miller, LLP attorney Matthew Tsun recently obtained a verdict in a trial in Arlington, Virginia that exceeded the Defendant’s policy limits. Simeone & Miller, LLP’s client alleged that the Defendant, a cab driver, struck his vehicle while attempting to make an improper left turn. Our client suffered fractures and a ligament tear amongst other injuries. He had approximately $8,300 in medical bills, $500 in lost wages, and $1,500 in towing and car rental costs. The Defendant denied liability and claimed that our client caused the accident by speeding up from behind him.

Mr. Tsun was able to prove that the Defendant was in fact negligent despite his denial by subpoenaing a police officer and an independent witness and cross-examining the Defendant, bringing out several inconsistencies in his version of the accident. Then, on damages, Mr. Tsun called the client’s treating physician as a witness and obtained a verdict of $41,400, which significantly exceeded the insurance policy limits for the claim.

Mr. Tsun’s verdict demonstrates that Simeone & Miller, LLP is committed to obtaining the best possible result for our clients, even if it requires pursuing a case through trial. Moreover, Mr. Tsun’s trial performance and use of three expert witnesses demonstrates that Simeone & Miller, LLP knows how to thoroughly and effectively prove a case in court.

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