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Brain Injuries Caused in Pool Accidents

Swimming is a favored pastime when the weather warms up. Families can participate in a fun activity together and it serves as an excellent form of exercise. As is the case with most activities, however, there are some safety hazards you should be aware of. While drowning is an obvious risk any time there is a body of water, brain injuries are another concern. Those who are rescued and survive a drowning accident are often at risk for suffering a brain injury.

Oxygen Deprivation

As a person drowns, water begins to enter the lungs, which deprives the body of oxygen and cuts off the flow of oxygen to the blood and brain, causing significant brain damage. Despite the fact that medicine has advanced enough to revive drowning victims who are rescued in time, the brain damage caused by this accident cannot be reversed, leaving the individual with lifelong difficulties related to brain function. The severity of brain damage is usually determined by the length of time a person was deprived of oxygen, though it is difficult to anticipate the effects of a brain injury since it may vary from person to person.

Monitoring Victims of Pool-Related Brain Injuries

Some drowning victims do not immediately show signs of brain injuries. A young child might seem fine in the aftermath of a near-drowning experience, but might show signs of a brain injury when starting school or exhibit trouble with writing, drawing, concentrating, or retaining information.

A doctor should periodically test and monitor victims of drowning for indications of a brain injury. Brain injuries are often misdiagnosed as something else, causing individuals to unnecessarily suffer without proper care. Seek medical attention immediately if you have survived a drowning accident.

Washington, DC Brain Injury Attorneys

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