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Law Students: How to Know Which Law Clinics Are the Best

Attorney Thomas J. Simeone Offers His Take on Judging the Quality of Law Clinics

Law school clinics provide valuable training for students seeking to one day become successful, proficient attorneys. When done well, they offer unmatched hands-on experience for law students, opportunities to learn how to communicate and interact with clients, and the potential for students to hone their skills in specific areas of legal practice.

However, not all legal clinics are equal, and not every niche legal clinic can offer you such benefits.

Said another way, rather than particiapate in a law clinic just to boost your resume—pick one that will sharpen your skills and improve the capabilities you will need in your future legal field. According to Attorney Thomas J. Simeone of Simeone & Miller, LLP, one of the best law clinics an aspiring trial lawyers can participate in is one that is “trial-heavy,” such as landlord-tenant law. Such students will receive more useful training than in clinics that focus more on transactional legal arrangements and will have the opportunity to become more comfortable in a courtroom.

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