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How To Avoid a Car Accident This Holiday Season

The holidays should be a joyous time to spend celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, each holiday season there are countless people who spend their time recovering from a serious injury or mourning the loss of a loved one. Car accidents harm millions of people each year, and several of those damaging crashes occur during the holidays. Between the harsh winter weather and the increased traffic from festive travelers, it is no wonder the roads become so treacherous during this time of the year.

In order to stay safe this season and avoid a car crash, try following a few of these helpful tips:

Prepare Your Vehicle

You should be maintaining your vehicle throughout the year, but be sure to pay extra attention once the cold weather hits. Make sure your tire pressure and fluid levels are normal and take your car in for routine maintenance whenever necessary. Also, keep your vehicle stocked for emergencies. Pack extra water bottles, jumper cables, flares, an ice scraper, and other essentials in your car—you never know when you might need them.

Avoid Busy Travel Days

As any seasoned driver knows, traffic makes for dangerous driving conditions. In order to stay out of traffic and avoid any potentially dangerous situations, try traveling before or after the holiday rush. Check traffic forecasts and make your travel plans in advance so that you can avoid road congestion and save time.

Appoint a Sober Driver

Data collected by the NHTSA suggests that the number of DUI arrests spikes between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. In other words, there are more drunk drivers on the roads during the winter holidays. In order to protect yourself from the dangers of drunk drivers, always make sure you appoint a sober driver when you attend a holiday gathering. Also, try to avoid driving late at night when drunk drivers are more likely to be on the roads.

Check the Weather

Winter weather can be quite dangerous, especially if the temperature drops below freezing, potentially covering the roads in black ice. Rain, hail, or snow can make visibility difficult, and high winds can make it challenging for drivers to control their vehicles. Rather than trying to weather the storm, avoid driving in bad weather altogether.

While these tips can help you and your loved ones avoid a potentially damaging car accident, they are not foolproof. Sometimes accidents do happen, no matter what we do to prevent them. If you or someone you love was injured in a crash, take immediate action to fight for justice and compensation.

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