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The Best Advice for New Personal Injury Lawyers

Simeone & Miller, LLP Partner Thomas J. Simeone was recently featured in an article published by DrugWatcher. The article – 23 Attorneys Share The Best Advice for New Personal Injury Lawyers – gathered the opinions of nearly two dozen experienced trial attorneys who shared their insight on pursuing a career in personal injury law, including the benefits and challenges they face in this practice area, the need to often fight against powerful corporate defendants, and having the empathy and willingness to defend the rights of clients during their times of need.

In the article, Mr. Simeone is quoted in his own section giving advice to new lawyers. He focuses on the underlying principle of ensuring one’s personality and skillset are fit for personal injury law, which is often chosen by attorneys who want to help real people facing difficult and unexpected challenges. Additionally, he touches on the fact that helping these victims often means fighting aggressively against aggressive and powerful forces, such as insurance companies and other corporate entities with deep pockets and a general stance of prioritizing their own profits over people.

Mr. Simeone also comments on the fact that because personal injury lawyers are professionals who provide services for a fee (though that fee is collected after a successful recovery is made), attorneys who choose a career in this practice area must be prepared for pressure from both aggressive defendants and clients who expect high-quality representation, and must have a realistic view about what it means to handle these challenging cases and reconcile all aspects of their responsibilities.

You can read the full article and Mr. Simeone’s section here.

As a Washington, DC personal injury lawyer who has cultivated a record of successful results for injured victims and families, Mr. Simeone is often asked to share his experience by professional organizations, legal associations, and the media. His role as a proven trial attorney makes him an invaluable resource for legal insight, and a trusted advocate for the injured and the wronged. To learn more about Mr. Simeone, the services our firm provides, and how we may be able to help with your potential case, contact us.