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Should I Go To the Hospital for Minor Accident Injuries?

A trip to the hospital can save your life after a serious car accident, but getting emergency care can be expensive and time-consuming. So, is it worth it to visit the ER if you’ve been involved in a more minor collision? Or should you just schedule an appointment with your own physician at a later date?

While visiting the emergency room or an urgent care center is not required to bring a personal injury claim, in most cases, it’s better to bite the bullet and seek a comprehensive medical assessment immediately after your accident – no matter how “minor” your injuries may seem. As personal injury attorneys serving Washington DC, we’ve seen many cases impacted by the fact that a victim chose to skip an emergency room or urgent care center visit because they hoped their injuries were minor. When a victim waits to obtain medical treatment in the hope that the pain will go away, insurers invariably claim that the victim either was not seriously injured in the accident and their injuries were not severe.

Here are the main reasons you may want to seek prompt medical attention at a hospital:

  • You may be numb to the pain of your injuries. After a traumatic crash, your adrenaline can prevent you from feeling the full extent of your pain. This is because our bodies prepare for the “fight or flight” response by blocking crucial pain receptors. Injuries that seem minor at the moment will likely seem more significant later.
  • Your injuries could still be developing. Some injuries – such as whiplash, head trauma, and soft tissue damage – may start out with minor symptoms and continue to get much worse with time. Untreated head wounds can lead to prolonged pain and suffering, unexpected complications, , and other unpleasant side effects, so often the sooner you can be assessed and placed on a proper treatment plan the better.
  • You can’t always see the damage on the surface. Because some medical issues can only be detected by advanced equipment and a trained eye, it’s important for your own safety to get checked out by a professional. From internal bleeding to injuries to organs, you could be at risk of major complications after even a minor accident.
  • Delaying a visit can impact your personal injury claim. Although a personal injury lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind after an accident, it’s important to consider the possibility of bringing a claim. Like it or not, the best evidence you will have of the nature and extent of your injuries is the medical records related to the accident.

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