intersection camera recording

You may be overwhelmed in the moments immediately following your auto collision. However, it may be wise to take a second and look for any intersection cameras installed directly above the scene of your accident or in its nearby vicinity. If you successfully locate one, then you must direct your efforts toward obtaining a copy of its recording. Continue reading to learn how an intersection camera recording might contribute to your claim and how an experienced Washington, D.C. car accident lawyer at Simeone & Miller, LLP can help you retrieve other pieces of evidence.

In what ways might an intersection camera recording contribute to my auto accident claim?

Simply put, an intersection camera recording may capture the events leading up to your auto accident, along with the collision itself. Therefore, this may serve as a physical piece of proof of the other driver’s negligence. And as you may likely already know, proving negligence is a pivotal part of your auto accident claim.

As an example, this recording may exhibit how the other driver ran through the red light, which led to their vehicle T-boning your vehicle. Or, it may show how the other driver proceeded forward in a “left turn only” lane, which led to their vehicle side-swiping your vehicle. Ultimately, an intersection camera recording may squash the “your word against mine” issue that commonly arises in auto accident cases.

What other pieces of evidence might prove beneficial for my claim?

While an intersection camera recording may prove critical in your claim, it may not be enough to satisfy your burden of proof. In other words, you must make an effort to collect additional pieces of evidence, such as the following:

  • Photos of your bodily injuries, car damages, and present hazards at the scene of your accident.
  • A copy of the accident report conducted by a law enforcement officer at the scene of your accident.
  • Oral or written testimonies by witnesses present at the scene of your accident.
  • Surveillance camera recordings from neighboring residential houses, commercial buildings, etc.
  • Copies of your medical records and medical bills related to your incurred injuries.
  • A copy of the repair quote related to your car damages.

Some of the aforementioned pieces of evidence may be retrieved while still at the scene of your accident. However, others may take longer to track down, namely the intersection camera recording. All the while, you must keep in mind the statute of limitations for your claim. This deadline is typically enforced for three years in Washington, D.C.

With all things considered, you must not wait too long to retain the services of a skilled Washington, D.C. auto accident lawyer. So please call Simeone & Miller, LLP at your earliest possible convenience.