Simeone & Miller, LLP managing partner, Attorney Thomas J. Simeone, recently celebrated 25 years teaching as an adjunct professor at The George Washington University Law School!

Mr. Simeone currently teaches trial advocacy, as he has for the past 11 years. Before he began teaching trial advocacy, he taught legal research and writing.

When asked about one of his favorite stories from his years as a professor, Mr. Simeone shared an experience he had teaching one of his students who is now a law professor herself. The student received the worst grade in the class on a writing assignment, and Mr. Simeone advised her not only of her grade, but that it  was the lowest in the class. The student had graduated from an Ivy League college and  was understandably upset.  She made an appointment to discuss her grade and, in that meeting,  Mr. Simeone explained why he gave her the grade and what she needed to do to improve. After their discussion, every one of the student’s remaining assignments were at or near the top of the class.  The student went on to a very successful career, credited Mr. Simeone in one of her law review articles, , and eventually became a law professor herself.

Mr. Simeone said of his story, “I like that story because it shows that being a tough grader is only half of what is needed to teach students well. You need to clearly communicate just how well they are doing, what they are not doing well, and how they can improve. While her success is not totally due to my teaching, she appreciated it and keeps in touch with me to this day.”

Congratulations on 25 years, Mr. Simeone!

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