Washington, D.C.-based personal injury attorney Thomas Simeone of Simeone & Miller was recently quoted in an article for huffingtonpost.com about how insurance companies might handle damages inflicted on your home or vehicle caused by terrorism or an act of war. “This is a complicated issue, and there is no easy answer,” Simeone says.

Often, an insurance will likely pay out if your home or car is destroyed by, for example, a bomb. However, if a terrorist attack is labeled as an act of war, you might not receive coverage for damages caused to your home or car. According to Simeone, “It depends on the policy language, how the injuries were sustained and who the claim is brought against.”

Simeone offers an example that illustrates the complexity of this issue: If a terrorist who has just committed an act of war, as labeled by your insurance company, flees the scene and accidently causes damage to your parked vehicle with his own in the midst of his escape, you may be able to collect damages if he was uninsured. In this case, your claim would have nothing to do with the act of war, but rather would fall under the uninsured motorist portion of your car insurance policy.

As Simeone suggested though, the language of the policy lends itself to having overly broad definitions and therefore the rules as to what will and will not be covered are not steadfast.

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