Simeone & Miller Managing Partner Thomas Simeone was recently quoted by Moneygeek as a Featured Expert for a pair of informational articles about auto insurance options for high-risk motorists and drivers with DUIs.

The articles – “The Best and Cheapest Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers” and “The Cheapest Car Insurance After a DUI” – offer insightful recommendations for consumers in search of affordable auto insurance after being convicted of DUI or being deemed a high-risk driver.

In addition to insurance quotes and comparisons, the articles feature an Expert Advice section in which Mr. Simeone answers questions about the financial impact of a poor driving record, ways for motorists to reduce rates over time, and how to structure deductibles and coverages to control costs while remaining sufficiently insured.

As a trial attorney whose focused a large part of his practice on complex litigation involving personal injury, Mr. Simeone routinely deals with matters of insurance. This includes helping auto accident victims decipher insurance policies, explore available coverage, and obtain compensation for covered losses caused by negligent policyholders or through first-party claims under a driver’s own UM / UIM coverage. His expert insight is often sought by publications like Moneygeek.

You can read the full articles featuring Tom’s expert advice here and here.

Thomas Simeone is a nationally recognized trial lawyer and Managing Partner at Simeone & Miller. In addition to recovering millions of dollars in compensation for victims of negligence, Mr. Simeone has become a trusted resource for expert advice on legal issues ranging from high-profile and complex litigation to matters of personal injury, consumer rights, and more. He has been featured widely on local and national media, including print publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post and televised programs on MSNBC, Fox News, Univision, and WJLA Channel 8, among others.