Genevieve Bashore works as a paralegal at Simeone & Miller in the pre-litigation department. She assists attorneys in the settlement negotiation process while maintaining effective communication with her clients and other parties. Genevieve is a committed advocate for her clients, going above and beyond to exhaust every available opportunity for them and making sure they are engaged throughout every step of the process. She recognizes the hardship they have been through and works tirelessly to support them through this challenging time. Additionally, Genevieve performs administrative tasks for the firm, ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Genevieve graduated from the University of Virginia in 2023 with dual majors in anthropology and archaeology. In her time at the University of Virginia, Genevieve served as a member of Class Council within the Mental Wellness Committee. There, she advocated for her fellow students’ well-being, collaborating with charitable organizations to effectuate mental wellness programs, and offering peer support programs funded by the Alumni Association. Additionally, she was a member of the Washington Society, an organization centered around debate and literature, where she engaged in amicable discourse and shared perspectives with her peers. Between classes, studying, and meeting with her extracurriculars, Genevieve worked part-time as a barista at Starbucks.

In her free time, you can find Genevieve at home with a cup of tea and a sketchpad. She is constantly exploring new hobbies, whether skiing or teaching herself piano, and is always on the lookout for a new interest. She loves to learn and once she sets her mind to something it is only a matter of time before she achieves it.