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Commercial Litigation Representation

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Disputes are an unfortunate part of any business. Your handling of them can mean the difference between significant financial losses or maintaining your financial well-being. Disputes can often be resolved without litigation, and this is always the goal in order to avoid tying up valuable resources that could be put to more productive use.

If litigation is required, you will need a high-quality and trusted Washington DC commercial litigation attorney on your side. Choosing Simeone & Miller at this time is a decision that could reap benefits for your business interests for many years to come.

Why choose Simeone & Miller, LLP for your business dispute?

Simeone & Miller, LLP is proud to represent businesses and individuals facing disputes throughout the Washington DC area, as well as Maryland and Virginia.

Our lawyers handle matters involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of lease
  • Defamation
  • Interference with contractual relations and other business claims, ranging from the highly complex to the relatively straightforward

We bring a breadth of experience and resources to each case, including the benefit of having a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on our team. We work hard to identify each client's goals and then develop the best strategy for achieving success. With a reputation for success and more than 1,000 testimonials from happy clients, you can trust that relying on Simeon & Miller is a good choice.

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    We thoroughly document relevant information to build a solid foundation for your case. No detail is overlooked.

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    We rigorously gather and investigate every bit of critical evidence that can potentially make or break your case.

  • Strategize

    After a careful evaluation of the evidence, we devise a customized & aggressive strategy to maximize your recovery.

  • Resolve

    We confidently walk you through every step of your case to ensure that we have provided a favorable outcome for your needs.

  • Listen

    We start by taking the time to listen to your case and treat you with the utmost respect.