Have You Been Injured in an Accident? Personal Injuries are Serious Matters

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

First, if you or your passengers have been injured in a car accident, your health and safety are of paramount importance. You should immediately call 911 to seek immediate medical care.

Even if you aren’t sure if you’ve sustained an injury, you should make an appointment with your doctor within the first few days after a collision. Sometimes major injuries aren’t noticeable for days or even weeks. By confirming your health with a medical professional, you can have a full understanding of your situation and plan the next steps accordingly.

Second, it is essential never to admit fault or otherwise apologize for an accident, even if you think you were responsible for causing it. Sometimes, a professional evaluation can reveal facts that indicate you were not responsible for the accident. But if you admit fault to the police or the other party, they may use your statements against you later.

Third, it is important not to move your vehicle after the collision until you are directed to do so by the police, unless you need to do so to avoid injuring yourself or others. It is vital to preserve the conditions of the crash as much as possible to allow law enforcement officers and reconstructionists to make precise assessments, measurements, and records of the collision.

Finally, make sure you retain an auto accident attorney in DC as soon as possible. When you align yourself with an attorney early on, you’ll stand better chances of having a fully-developed traffic accident case with consistent legal theories and evidentiary interpretations at your disposal.

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