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Why Are Trucks More Likely to Cause Accidents?

Every year, approximately half a million trucking accidents occur on roadways across the country. Around 5,000 accidents result in death, 98% of which occur to the individuals in passenger vehicles. Trucks are more prone to accidents than cars. Their sheer size alone makes driving them an inherently more dangerous task, as there are larger blind spots and more difficult maneuverability. The height of a trailer can also present a tipping risk.

Drivers, too, often become fatigued after long stretches of driving to meet delivery deadlines, and may even drive longer than they are allowed to in order to arrive at their destination faster. With all of these risk factors, it is no wonder that so many truck accidents occur each year. If you have been involved in a truck accident, don't wait to contact a Washington DC injury lawyer at Simeone & Miller, LLP. We can help you seek fair compensation.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

After a truck accident, remain calm and contact the police immediately. When the police arrive, they can file a report detailing the accident and record evidence that can be used to establish how and why the accident occurred. This report, along with other evidence like witness reports or the truck's “black box," can be used in your personal injury claim.

You will also want to avoid giving statements about the accident to anyone, specifically the truck driver's insurance company, who may be able to use what you say to minimize your claim or deflect blame away from the truck driver and onto you. To be safe, say as little as possible; even the smallest statement can be spun to sound like an admission of guilt.

Do, however, make it a point to collect the following information:

  • The truck driver's name
  • License information
  • Insurance information
  • Employer information

Also be sure to take the names and contact information of any people who witnessed your truck accident. The evidence they provide may be essential to your case.

The Truck Driver May Not Be the Only Liable Party

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is one of the leading causes of truck accidents in the United States. Fortunately, trucking companies can be held responsible for the undisciplined driving of one of their employees if it can be proven that the driver engaged in unsafe activities like drinking, texting, or any other distracting activities.

Trucking companies can also be held accountable for an accident if it is shown that the employee they hired had an unsatisfactory criminal or driving record. Our DC personal injury attorneys can help you determine who can be held liable for your accident and may be able to help you get the compensation you need for damages, medical bills, and more.

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