Auto Accident

Our client was operating her vehicle on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in icy and snowy conditions. She was rear-ended as she slowed due to traffic. Our client was unable to identify which vehicle struck her and both drivers behind our client denied responsibility for the accident. In addition, both potentially responsible drivers had minimal insurance policies. As a result of the accident, our client sustained cervical strains, a lumbar strain, and shoulder strains. We retained our client’s treating orthopedic surgeon who prepared a report stating that as a result of the automobile collision our client would require surgery in the future to address the injury in her lower back, despite a long-standing history of low back problems stemming from a workplace injury years before the automobile collision and the absence of any objective injury to the lower back from the automobile collision on x-ray and MRI. We filed suit against both drivers who were behind our client and our client’s own insurance company. After prolonged litigation, we settled the case for $128,843.14.

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