Car Accident

Our client and her passengers left home for a day at Ocean City, Maryland, with no specific estimated time of arrival. On the way, they were the first car at a stop light in the left lane. Our client was checking her mirrors while idling at the stop light and noticed a van rapidly approaching from behind. She held onto the steering wheel and kept her foot firmly on the brake pedal, bracing for the impact and trying to avoid being pushed into traffic on the cross street. She tried to inform the other passengers about the impending impact but was unable to warn the passengers before the van struck the rear of her vehicle.As a result of the collision, our client sustained an injury to her neck, back, shoulders, left groin, and left hip. Those injuries interfered with her ability to drive, sleep, stand, walk, exercise, and perform routine household tasks.We filed in the Circuit Court for Worcester County, Maryland and settled the case for $150,000.00.

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