Home Health Care Negligence

We represented an elderly woman who suffered from partial paralysis and was entirely dependent on home healthcare aides to assist her. One morning, the aide who was in charge of our client was not properly supervising her and our client fell. The aide failed to report the incident to the client’s family or even a suitable medical provider. She simply completed her shift and returned home. Our client complained to her daughters about pain, however, and they noticed a large bruise on her leg. After taking her to the emergency room, it was discovered that our client had suffered severe fractures in both her fibula and tibia. This necessitated lengthy treatment which was further hindered by her already incapacitated state. The home aide pleaded ignorance, but given the unusual and obvious pain our client was experiencing, we were able to demonstrate that she failed to take the appropriate measures to prevent and then address our client’s fall. After filing suit, we were able to recover $150,000 on our client’s behalf.

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