$2.88 MM

Medical Malpractice

A man went to his primary care physician complaining of, among other things, persistent cough, night sweats, chills, and groin pain. The doctor took an x-ray, read it as showing pneumonia and not cancer, but failed to order any follow up x-rays or other testings after the man continued to have the same symptoms during multiple visits with the doctor. Finally, many months later, the man went to the emergency room for the same symptoms and an x-ray and CT scan showed a well-established mass in his left lung. He returned to his primary care physician and learned that the doctor failed to order a follow up x-ray for him because he mistakenly relied on an x-ray he had ordered for a different patient. The man ultimately passed away due to lung cancer and his wife brought a case of medical malpractice on behalf of his estate.The doctor claimed that the man would have passed away even if he had properly diagnosed with cancer or taken timely follow up x-rays. However, we retained qualified medical experts and filed suit in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. The case settled for $2,875,000.00 after the parties agreed to mediation.

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