Slip and Fall

We represented a woman who tripped and fell on a folding table that was lying flat on the floor of a Marshall’s store in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and that was nearly identical in color to the floor. Following the incident, furniture was then placed on the table so that customers would see it was a display, but there was no furniture on it at the time of our client’s accident. Also, there were no warning signs in the area and our client had no reason to know that a folding table would simply be lying flat on the floor of an aisle in the store, very difficult to see. As a result on the incident, our client fell on her right shoulder, right elbow, and right knee and suffered severe injuries, including right shoulder pain, right knee pain, neck pain, swelling in her right shoulder, lower back pain, a rotator cuff tear, right knee contusion, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and tingling in her right hand, catching of her middle and ring fingers, a labral tear, and impingement syndrome of the right shoulder. She required hospital care, orthopedic care, physical therapy, and two surgeries. We filed suit on her behalf and were ultimately able to convince the insurance company for Marshall’s to pay $237,500 prior to trial.

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