Craig D. Miller of Simeone & Miller, LLP, recently appeared on The
Law Entrepreneur, a podcast hosted by Neil Tyra, covering a range of topics
from personal business philosophies to the complexities and heart-wrenching
nature of medical malpractice cases.

Discussion with the host moved to rewards of helping personal injury clients.
“[I]t really is satisfying to get a hug from the client at the end
of the case because you’ve helped them through something that was
very traumatic for them,” said Craig.

Craig went on to discuss the satisfaction of being rewarded for being efficient
in his work. As a contingency fee based attorney, the interests of the
client and the attorney align. Efficiency rewards not just the attorney
but also rewards the client through a quicker resolution of their case.

Drawn as a child to the prospect of persuading juries, Craig still enjoys
the challenge. “I wanted to be a trial lawyer. I wanted to get up
in front of juries. I wanted to litigate cases and so that combination
is what drew me to personal injury work,” Craig said.

The interview also discussed the creation and running of a law practice.
The host and Craig addressed the proper role of technology in the modern
law firm. Craig advised against using technology for technology’s
sake. “Whenever you’re going to invest in any sort of new
technology, look at it and say to yourself – is it truly going to
make us more efficient? And if you can’t answer that question then
you shouldn’t be investing in that technology,” Craig advised.

Regarding medical malpractice cases, Craig said he appreciates the challenge
they present. He noted that, “the hardest thing to do in this practice
is to turn people down that you know have suffered heart-wrenching injuries.
It’s the hardest thing to do, because you got into this to help