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You may practice an abundance of caution whenever you enter another party’s property, such as a bar. But even so, you may slip and fall and ultimately get injured. This may require you to hold the negligent party accountable via a lawsuit. Follow along to find out whether you can pursue legal action if you get injured in a bar and how a proficient Washington, D.C. slip and fall lawyer at Simeone & Miller, LLP can stand by your side throughout.

Can I pursue legal action if I get injured in a bar?

Put simply, if you slipped and fell in a bar, then you may pursue a premises liability claim to recover financial compensation for your injuries and damages. Specifically, you may place this claim against a negligent bar owner or staff member. This is so long as you can confirm that they are truly the at-fault party for your accident. Without further ado, this applies in the following examples:

  • You slipped and fell due to a spilled liquid or broken glass on the floor of the bar.
  • You slipped and fell due to ice, snow, or other weather-related debris at the entranceway of the bar.
  • You slipped and fell due to faulty chairs, barstools, or other furnishings within the bar.
  • You slipped and fell due to a raised carpet, loose handrail, or other broken fixtures within the bar.

Without further ado, as the plaintiff of a premises liability claim, you must provide evidence that points to the following circumstances as fact:

  1. You were a welcomed patron of a bar and were lawfully present; therefore, a bar owner or staff member owed you a duty of care.
  2. A bar owner or staff member knew, or should have reasonably known, about a potential safety hazard on their premises.
  3. A bar owner or staff member ultimately breached their duty of care by failing to promptly clear or rectify a safety hazard.
  4. You encountered a safety hazard, slipped and fell, and ultimately incurred serious injuries and damages.

What is the deadline for pursuing this legal action?

Arguably the most important fact that you must remember for your premises liability claim is the statute of limitations. In Washington, D.C., this deadline is generally three years from the date on which your accident occurred.

The reason why this is pivotal to keep in mind is because a failure to file on time means an indefinite bar from suing. This further translates into a loss of opportunity for financial compensation and overall justice over the negligent bar owner or staff member.

This is why you must tackle your premises liability claim as soon as possible. So call a talented Washington, D.C. premises liability lawyer from Simeone & Miller, LLP today.