Journalist David Parsley for i, a newspaper across the pond, reached out to Attorney Thomas Simeone for his professional analysis on Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse case against Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the third child of the Queen of England. According to Attorney Simeone, the Duke will likely be required to travel to New York for his day in court, as well as for depositions with Ms. Giuffre’s lawyer.

About the Case

Prince Andrew’s Alleged Connection to Jeffrey Epstein

Ms. Giuffre has persisted—against all odds—in her case against Prince Andrew, alleging that she was one of the many victims of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking operation. In particular, she alleges that she was raped by Prince Andrew as a teenager on three occasions: at Ghislaine Maxwell’s London home, at Epstein’s Manhattan home, and at Epstein’s infamous private island, Little Saint James, in the Virgin Islands.

Prince Andrew has continued to deny all allegations made by Ms. Giuffre. Still, Judge Lewis Kaplan, of the Federal District Court in Manhattan, has denied the Duke’s request to dismiss the civil case.

Prince Andrew’s Day in Court Is “Almost Certain,” Attorney Simeone Says

In over 30 years of trial practice, Attorney Simeone has never seen a judge allow a sexual abuse trial to occur over video. And while remote video depositions have become more common during the pandemic, it is unlikely that Prince Andrew will be awarded that luxury.

“The plaintiff’s lawyer in Prince Andrew’s case will definitely want to do the depositions in New York. And that’s the general rule. It’ll be up to Prince Andrew and his attorneys to file something with the court or seek some type of leave to do it through video,” Attorney Simeone said. “This type of argument would usually [rely on] some type of hardship. But, there’s obviously no financial hardship. Prince Andrew travels quite a bit, so he can’t really say that’s [out of] the ordinary for him.”

Attorney Simeone explained that Prince Andrew only has two real arguments to avoid having to travel to New York: future COVID-19 travel restrictions and the inconvenience of the press.

These arguments are not likely to convince the judge, however. Attorney Simeone is “almost certain” that Judge Kaplan will require Prince Andrew to come to New York—unless the case is settled out of court before then.

“The judge wants the parties to be there, and they want the jury to hear the parties because the jury has to understand and evaluate whether what you’re saying is true or not,” Attorney Simeone stated. “And it’s really helpful that the witnesses are in the room, so you can read their body language and whether they’re sweating or they’re moving, or getting upset.”

That’s why it doesn’t matter how many times Prince Andrew attempts to avoid an in-person deposition or trial. The judge, according to Attorney Simeone, will likely insist that the Duke come to New York for the case.

To learn more, read the full article on i here.

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