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Simeone & Miller is pleased to announce that Mireya Colin is the recipient
of the Fall 2018 Good Lawyers/Good People Scholarship. Mireya is a law
student at Campbell University in Raleigh, NC. She was selected for the
scholarship because she has overcome several personal struggles and is
dedicated to using the law to help others. The challenges she has faced
have brought her humility, compassion, and a passion or justice. By going
to law school, she will become capable of combining those strengths with
the ability to help others facing serious legal obstacles. She epitomizes
what the “Good Lawyers/Good People” scholarship is all about.

Simeone & Miller is proud to assist Mireya and looks forward to helping
others also use the law to achieve justice and help others. Our firm is
dedicated to being a force for justice and fairness in the world, through
our legal work, our relations with clients, and the awarding of the “Good
Lawyers/Good People” scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded twice a year. If you wish to apply or want additional
information, please email us at