Recently, Craig Miller, of the Washington D.C.-based injury law firm Simeone
& Miller, LLP, helped an injury victim secure a $2 million verdict.
The decision comes nine years after the woman was run off the road and
crashed her vehicle into a utility pole.

As a result of the collision, she suffered a bimalleolar fracture in her
ankle. She had to undergo three surgeries for this injury, as well as
an additional surgery when she injured her knee due to the change in her
walking abilities. Nine years later, she still struggles with everyday
activities due to the swelling she experiences in her ankle.

After three days, the D.C. jury awarded the plaintiff one of the largest
non-catastrophic injury verdicts in Washington D.C. history. After the
verdict was announced, the defense tried to reduce the amount awarded,
but the motion was denied by the Honorable Ronna Beck.