Attorney Thomas Simeone was recently featured on a
Business 2 Community article for the series BrandViews by Avvo. The article discusses things that individuals
should do after a personal injury. In the article, Attorney Simone lists
three critical steps that people should take after any incident resulting
in an injury.

  1. Document how you sustained the injury
  2. Determine the party who may have been at fault
  3. Exchange contact information with witnesses

Attorney Simeone details the importance of recording specific details regarding
the incident, as well as the injury. This includes taking actions such
as taking pictures, notes, and other records. He notes that many people
fail to get accurate information regarding the at-fault party, failing
to get the information they need to help their case.

The article also states that it may be difficult to gather this information
due to a severe injury, but also recommends the injured party seek help
from others to help get the recorded details as needed. The sooner this
occurs, the more accurate the information can be. Finally, Attorney Simeone
recommends the injured party contact an attorney as soon as possible.
This is especially important to do while the injury is still present.

According to the article, aside from gathering the necessary information,
getting medical attention and contacting a lawyer should be high on the
priority list. Getting the medical attention you need not only helps your
health and well-being, it is an additional way to document the injuries
you sustained as a result of the accident.

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