Attorney Thomas Simeone, our managing partner at Simeone & Miller,
LLP, LLP, was recently featured in an
article on regarding home insurance policies and having pets. The article discusses
the importance of having homeowner’s insurance when you have a pet,
such as a dog. This is particularly important in cases where the homeowners
who own specific types of pets.

In some situations, however, homeowner’s insurance may not cover
specific situations such as if there is a “risky” breed of
dog that attacks and bites someone else. In cases like this, the policy
may not hold liability and the owner of the dog would be responsible for
the damages. Attorney Simeone says,

“An owner of a dog should definitely increase their liability insurance
coverage. The more potentially dangerous the breed, the more coverage
you will need. While slip and fall accidents on private homes happen,
dog bites or attacks are just as common, if not more.”

Attorney Simeone has extensive experience in these types of cases involving
dog bites and the way insurance policies cover these incidents. He recommends
homeowners to purchase the amount they can afford regarding their policy,
which starts at $100,000. He states that you should get the maximum amount
if possible in order to protect yourself.

Having insurance is important in making sure you and your assets are protected
in the event of a lawsuit.

If a person is injured by a dog bite that was caused by negligence, they
deserve to take legal action and either file a claim with the insurance
or file a lawsuit against the dog’s owner. If you have been harmed,
speak with a Washington D.C.
dog bite injury lawyer, such as our team at Simeone & Miller, LLP.

If you need to discuss a potential dog bite case,
call our firm today and learn how we may be able to help you.