Memorial Day flags

Like most years, many people traveled during this past Memorial Day Weekend. With such an influx of travel, more auto accidents are, unfortunately, bound to occur. Continue reading to learn what to do if you were injured in a Memorial Day auto accident and how an experienced Washington, D.C. car accident lawyer at Simeone & Miller, LLP can help you through this process.

What are the statistics on Memorial Day auto accidents?

The statistics pertaining to Memorial Day auto accidents are quite frightening. For one, the National Safety Council predicts that, each year, more than 450 deaths occur on the United States roads throughout the Memorial Day Weekend.

A major contributing factor to these striking numbers is that holiday weekends like Memorial Day Weekend are centered around celebrations involving alcohol consumption. So much so that the National Safety Council predicts that approximately 40 percent of the more than 450 deaths that occur each year are due to impaired driving. Unfortunately, this still reigns true even with ride-sharing services now being easily accessible in the greater Washington, D.C. area. What’s worse, these numbers are only expected to increase every year.

When speaking about statistics, below are the injuries that are most commonly associated with Memorial Day auto accidents:

  • Brain injuries, like a concussion.
  • Neck injuries, like whiplash.
  • Spinal cord injuries, like a herniated disc.

What should I do if I was injured in a Memorial Day Weekend auto accident?

If you incurred any of the aforementioned injuries after your involvement in a Memorial Day auto accident, then you must determine whether you wish to take legal action. More specifically, you must consider proceeding forward with a personal injury claim.

You will need to uphold your responsibility of fulfilling the burden of proof as a plaintiff of a personal injury claim. That is, you must present multiple pieces of evidence that point to the following arguments as true:

  1. The defendant was operating a motor vehicle on the Washington, D.C. roads, and therefore owed you and fellow drivers a duty of care to drive responsibly.
  2. The defendant breached this duty of care by, instead, driving negligently on the Washington, D.C. roads.
  3. The defendant’s negligent driving directly caused you to get involved in an auto accident.
  4. You incurred serious injuries and damages as a direct result of this auto accident.

As a reminder, Washington, D.C. recognizes contributory negligence law. Meaning, even if the defendant is more negligent than you were in your auto accident, you may not prevail in your personal injury claim. You must further prove that your negligence was a proximate cause of your auto accident.

It should go without saying that you must consult with a skilled Washington, D.C. auto accident lawyer. Give us a call whenever you can.