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Understandably, you may be hesitant to drive at night time or on the weekends due to a fear of drunk drivers on the Washington, D.C. roads. Unfortunately, you must be more cautious of instances like this happening over a holiday weekend, such as the Fourth of July. But if you are still involved in a drunk driving accident after practicing an abundance of caution, you must hold the correct party accountable. Continue reading to learn who is at fault for a Fourth of July accident and how an experienced Washington, D.C. drunk driving accident lawyer at Simeone & Miller, LLP can help you assign blame.

Who is to blame for a Fourth of July drunk driving accident?

If you have been made a victim of a drunk driving accident, then you may be quick to file a personal injury claim so to recover your injuries and damages. But first, you must know who to direct your claim towards. Obviously, a drunk driver must hold some responsibility for getting behind the steering wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

But say that, for instance, the drunk driver was coming from a restaurant, bar, or another establishment that sells liquor. Well, thanks to Washington D.C.’s dram shop law, this establishment may be to blame too. This is because it is considered illegal for an establishment to serve alcohol to a patron who is already visibly intoxicated, along with patrons who are under the legal drinking age of 21.

Or, say that the drunk driver was coming from a work event. Well then, their employer may also be at fault for your drunk driving accident. You may argue that their employer should not have overserved them, especially if they knew that they were planning to drive home afterward.

Will a drunk driver’s criminal case affect my personal injury claim?

Of note, a drunk driving accident may be tried in both criminal and civil sides of the law. With this, you may be wondering how the drunk driver’s criminal proceedings may affect the momentum of your personal injury claim.

First, you may be entitled to restitution if the drunk driver is sentenced to criminal charges. And on the other hand, you may rest assured knowing that you may still pursue financial compensation for your damages even if the drunk driver does not receive any criminal charges. With this, your lawyer may ensure that your personal injury claim gets the attention that it rightfully deserves.

You must understand that there are established laws to protect you in situations just like this one. So please do yourself a favor and retain the services of a skilled Washington, D.C. auto accident lawyer from Simeone & Miller, LLP today.