In a recent interview with Ilana Kowarski of U.S. News & World Report,
Attorney Thomas Simeone weighed in on the big question so many law school grads are asking: “Why
do big law firms care so much about my academic pedigree?”

Attorney Simeone has spent much of his legal career working with big law
firms and has the inside scoop. He says that larger firms prefer to bring
in graduates of elite, top-15 law schools, such as Stanford, Harvard,
and Yale and that graduates from highly ranked J.D. programs have a better
shot of securing the coveted six-figure salaries such firms offer to new
associates. Simeone explained the rationale behind this pervasive trend,
saying, “While top students may go to other schools – and
therefore be missed by large firms who focus primarily on graduates from
top-tier schools – generally speaking, graduates from top-tier schools
have a lot of indicators of success at a large firm.”

Attorney Simeone Speaks to Whether Graduates of Lower-Ranked Law Schools
Have a Chance at Landing Jobs at Bigger Firms

Simeone, who himself graduated from Columbia Law School, which is currently ranked 5th in the nation and annually ranks among the top 10 law schools in the country,
said that students who go to other law schools may still have a shot at
working for big firms if they play their cards well.

However, he explains big firms’ bias toward graduates of exceptionally
high-ranking law schools, stating, “They obviously did well enough
as an undergrad to be accepted into a highly competitive school. They
also must have done well on the LSAT, which indicates not just intelligence,
but a willingness to prepare and to perform under pressure. Finally, the
experience of going to a top law school shows that they were exposed to
highly rated professors and competed and associated with other highly
accomplished students.”

Despite this bias toward applicants with top-15 law schools on their resumes,
law school graduates may still be able to catch the eye of bigger firms
by honing their trial skills, earning the highest marks possible during
law school, and participating in distinguishing extra-curricular activities,
such the school’s law journal.

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