Colleen works as a pre-litigation paralegal, handling a wide range of personal injury cases. She is hands-on with her clients, advocating for them through their hardships. With her empathy, dedication, and strong communication skills, she ensures every client feels heard and understood.

Colleen is a graduate of American University, where she earned a degree in political science with a concentration in comparative government. Her academic pursuits included in-depth analysis and comparison of political systems, institutions, processes, and policies across various countries. She also presented a thesis on the long-term effects of different forms of government on their citizens. In addition to her academic achievements, Colleen gained practical experience working with a nannying group, providing childcare for families in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

After graduating, Colleen worked as a bakery assistant and decorator at Giant. In her free time, she enjoys visiting local libraries and museums, and traveling to Shenandoah Park.