Auto Accident

We represented a man who was rear-ended on his way home from work. The force of the impact pushed his vehicle into the vehicle in front of him. As a result of the collision, he sustained an injury to his lower back. A subsequent MRI revealed a large herniated disc in our client’s lumbar spine. We filed suit against both the driver that rear-ended our client, and based on his claiming that the first vehicle struck suddenly, the driver of the vehicle in front of our client. The insurance company for each driver refused to make reasonable settlement offers and the case proceeded to trial. Our client had injured his lower back prior to the auto collision and although all of the prior medical records indicated the client’s herniated disc predated the auto collision, we retained an expert in neurological surgery to testify that although there was no way to tell whether the disc had been herniated in the auto collision, all of the symptoms from the herniated disc were caused by the auto collision and those symptoms were permanent. Our client only went to the doctor a few times and prior to trial hadn’t sought any medical treatment for his lower back injury in years. We received a verdict of $106,739 (after the jury, during deliberations, requested a calculator) which exceeded not only the settlement offers previously made, but also the amount of insurance available.

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