Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was stopped due to traffic when she was rear-ended while driving in Anne Arundel, County, Maryland. As a result of the impact, she suffered a lumbar disc herniation with bilateral L5/S1 radiculitis. She also suffered from neck pain, sacroiliac sprain and muscle spasms. The negligent driver’s insurance company refused to make a fair offer, so our firm filed suit. The insurance company continued to refuse to make a fair offer, so we proceeded to trial, where we called our client’s treating physicians to establish the full extent of her injuries and called into question the testimony of the defendant’s medical expert witness. As a result, the jury returned a verdict of $365,984.85, which exceeded not only the amount of the previous offers, but the amount of the defendant’s liability insurance of $250,000.00. To avoid exposing their insured to personal liability, the insurance company agreed to pay $300,000.00 – or $50,000 over their policy limits – to resolve the case.

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