Slip and Fall

We represented a father, his four year old son, and the child’s grandmother. The four year old and his grandmother were walking inside a fast food restaurant when they turned a corner and slipped on a recently mopped floor that had not been marked with a “wet floor” sign or any other warning. The child exhibited virtually no signs of a head injury for nearly 6 months after his fall, but was ultimately diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury with pseudotumor cerebri and received care from pediatric neurologists, multiple radiology exams and a spinal tap to remove cerebral spinal fluid from the brain.

The insurance company and defense lawyers disputed that the child’s injuries resulted from the fall. However, we filed suit and retained medical experts, vocational rehabilitation counselors, life care planners and economists to itemize the cost and burden of a lifetime of medical care and services necessitated by his injuries. We also demonstrated that the child’s father was forced to leave his job to become a day trader in order to take care of his child from home. Moreover, the family had to relocate in order to minimize their cost of living in order to bear the medical expenses associated with caring for their injured child.

Finally, the grandmother suffered significant orthopedic injuries from the fall, but not nearly as serious as her grandson’s. Through private mediation we were able to avoid trial and recover $650,000.00 in compensation for the child. Moreover, we were able to recover $200,000.00 for the father as a result of his lost earning capacity in leaving his IT career for several years to take care of his injured son. We also recovered $100,000.00 in compensation for the grandmother who was diagnosed with posttraumatic injuries to her left elbow and right foot and ankle. The total recovery of $950,000.00 allowed the family to recover financially from the significant burden the accident and resulting injuries placed on them.

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