Slip & Fall

We represented a man who fell on a recently mopped floor in a cafeteria in Suitland, MD. Although our client claimed that there were no cafeteria employees near the fall and no yellow warning signs present, two cafeteria employees testified in deposition that five warning signs were on the floor, the cafeteria manager was directing customers around a spill, and the spill itself was being mopped at the time our client fell. Our client fell and landed on his right hand, injuring his right wrist and shoulder. Our client’s right shoulder had dislocated two years prior to the fall and the medical records showed a longstanding history of instability in the shoulder following the dislocation. Four months after the fall, our client underwent surgery on his right shoulder. Two and a half years later, he had a second surgical procedure to remove hardware inserted during the first surgery. We retained a board-certified orthopedic surgeon to review the medical chart and examine our client. After filing suit and taking numerous depositions, the parties agreed to private mediation and the case settled for $125,000.00.

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