Truck Accident

Our client was driving a tractor-trailer on a snowy day in the far right lane of I-81 North near North Valley Pike in Rockingham County, Virginia. Another driver passed our client in the lane immediately to his left, but lost control of her vehicle, struck a third vehicle, and came to a stop after striking the guard rail. Our client came to a complete stop to avoid colliding with her when he was rear-ended by Defendant another tractor-trailer. Following the collisions, our client was told by the responding police officers that the driver who passed him claimed that a pickup truck in front of her caused her to lose control of her vehicle. The driver of this pickup truck apparently fled the scene without identifying himself.Our client sustained significant injuries as a result of the collision, including neck pain, back pain, an avulsion fracture of the left shoulder, severe headaches, median nerve compression of the left wrist, multilevel disc injuries necessitating discectomy and fusion, severe radiculopathy, and a potential rotator cuff tear in his shoulder.We filed suit in the Circuit Court for Rockingham County, Virginia and, after extensive discovery and expert medical witness work up, settled the case for $1,750,822.71, providing our client with the necessary funds to rebuild his life.

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