Workplace Accident

Our client was a building inspector working in Washington, DC, when a window – including its frame, glass, and an object behind the glass – unexpectedly fell from the third floor of a building and struck his head. He immediately felt a jolt of pain in his head and neck and sustained multiple lacerations across his neck and head. Over the next few days, his condition worsened and despite multiple types of treatment, he was diagnosed with permanent hearing loss which required the use of hearing aids. Also as a result of this incident, he experienced a severe dizzy spell when walking up the stairs in his own home, and fell and fractured his wrist. The responsible parties attempted to defend the case by relying on our client’s past medical history as proving that the accident was not the cause of his complaints. There was also a lack of information on who exactly dropped the window and how. However, after obtaining a prominent medical expert to testify on our client’s behalf, we filed suit and were able to provide strong evidence that his injuries were, in fact, caused by the falling window. As a result, we obtained a $250,000 settlement at the pre-trial conference and avoided trial, which our client wanted.

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